The right bike, YOUR way.

Whenever a customer comes in to store and tell us they are looking at buying a bike the first question is always, what do you want the bike for? Sounds stupid and obvious doesn’t it? To cycle of course! But what we are after from the customer is whether they are racing, doing triathlon, riding socially or any of the other great reasons for us to get pedaling. We try to find out short and long term goals, riding experience, current health and fitness levels and more. Why? Because the more information we have the easier it is to guide someone to the right bike for their needs. It’s very often assumed that because people ride bikes they should know about them, but I certainly didn’t when I started so why should others? I didn’t know that road bikes came with differing geometry that made some more comfortable than others, they all looked like drop handlebar road bikes! Now we have endurance, race, aero, gravel, cyclo-x and more that can all look very similar. This vast range of choice makes choosing the right bike even harder but equally, with the right help the chances of getting the perfect bike increase greatly. Tri Harder is all about honest advice and then allowing the customer to make their decision with all the info needed.

Once the decision has been made on which bike is right we set about getting that model in the right size and specification for you. Select your gearing, the type of brakes, the standard of wheels and much, much more. As you progress through the Orbea range you can go from choosing a stock colour to designing and choosing your own unique colour combinations using the Myo option.

We will talk more about the options with all our brands another time, Orbea, Quintana Roo and Forme all allow us to cutomise. But for now we say don’t settle for the bike that someone else thinks you should have, get the bike that’s right for you and the way you want it!