Thank You’s and Season Review – Callum Stedman

I would like to say a big thank you to triharder, Ben Walker, Carl Mace, David Randall for all the support over the recent few months. Thanks to Tony Witmond North Norfolk Harriers A/C Sportshall Athletics League Programme Dereham Runners AC VeloWatton Joe Skipper Dereham Otters and Chris Searle also. Plus plenty of others who have said hi or well done when I have posted my achievements. Sarah-Jayne Lumley Mark ‘duffers’ Duffield Mark Bowman James Simons Miles Ogden Darren Anema Andrew ‘Bogus’ Harris Ross Brinn Michael Protheroe Nathan Shoesmith Richard Kelly Vince Butler Luke Ashton Stewart Stumpy Stubbs Allan Zynnia Dagless John Morgan John Morgan Jeremy Driscoll Kimberley Halton-Farrow Kelly Jane Stark Jason Bartrum Georgina Sutton Zoë Flint Ken Price Claire Schultz-Mace.

It’s humbling to see how many have helped and supported me to get me to reach my goals.

The season as a whole has gone well. It started out with British Super Series Duathlon at Bedford, as my first big race I had a good first run covering 2.5km in 7.30 I then cycled and ran after that. It was a good experience and a good insight to what the season is going to be like.

I then did The British Super Series Trials at Loughborough. I was nervous, I went a 4.24 400m Swim and was placed 3rd out of 105 boys from all round the UK. The next day I didn’t overly know what I was doing, therefore I had my bike in the wrong place and then got wiped out TWICE before I had even got 100m into the bike and went from 3rd to 50th. It was a good experience and it made me work harder to try and get on the level and the standards of everyone else.

After that I did the Norwich and Cambridge Triathlon two days on the trot. I came 2nd and 3rd with two good races.

I then had European Mallory Park U20s Festival where after I and trained all summer while everyone was racing. I came 8th in my wave and 45th overall. I was happy with how I had raced and beat people I wasn’t beating 6 months ago.

All this has lead up to today, same as last year. Due to a 2.04 200m swim and a 1500 run in 4.39 I have been given a place in the British East Region Triathlon Academy. This will hopefully also get me into the British Super Series and also give me a chance to compete for Britain at races internationally.

Looking forward to training hard over the winter and being fully prepared for the British Super Series Trials next April at Loughborough.

I’ve had Brilliant support from all the family at triharder with Carl always working on my bike and telling me information about it and what he’s doing. Ben always bollocking me (and rightly so) even if I’m doing what he’s asked but has put his faith in me and hopes the best for me and I really appreciate that. Dave being there for me, taking me to places and always being a great character and genuine nice guy. Also thanks for all the banta and not being too harsh even though you do destroy me some days 

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