Swimming/triathlon wetsuits are very different to those used in surfing and other water sports.  Wetsuits designed for swimming have buoyancy in key areas and most importantly, flexibility in the arms, back and shoulders.  This is vital as it will allow your arms to move freely through the swim stroke and not fatigue your muscles.  This freedom of movement is created by thinner and more flexible material and is one of the main differences between an entry level wetsuit and those costing more.  The flexibility of the higher end wetsuits is simply phenomenal now giving significant performance benefits.    Regardless of budget, the single most important part of buying a wetsuit is ensuring it is the right size.  The most common mistake made is to buy a wetsuit that is too big.  When trying one on it MUST be difficult to get on at first.  It is great fun to watch people putting them on for the first time!  It should involve perspiration and a look of distress! They are designed to be worn in water so will never be very comfortable out of it, although there should be little restriction when rotating the shoulders.  If a wetsuit goes on easily, the moment you try to swim the suit will fill with water and instantly slow you down.  At Tri Harder we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of fitting wetsuits and knowing how the differing brands and models vary with sizing and fit. We are thorough in our selection of brands and models and with offerings from Orca, Huub and Zone3 we have some of the very best available.