Triaharder – Your On and Offline Triathlon Bike Shop in Dereham, Norfolk
Tri Harder is on hand to help you get the most out of your cycling in many ways but maybe none more so than our bike fitting services. More enjoyable, more comfortable, more efficient riding resulting in a reduced risk of injury. We have a team that is as equipped as any to provide you with the very best service and advice.

Our most advanced bike fitting service is using the Retul 3D Motion Capture technology. This process will take approximately 2-3 hours and is often an education to the client on their own body and the key relationship between bike and rider. The Retul system measures with precision each key degree of movement and each millimeter of distance. This data then allows the fitter to make accurate adjustments to the bike and therefore the riders position. Our team of qualified Retul fitters bring a wealth of cycling experience and expertise. Road racing, endurance riding, time trialing, short and long distance triathlon, cyclo-cross and mountain biking are all covered!

Steps of a Retul Bike Fit

  1. Pre-Fit physical assessment
    A number of body measurements are taken, along with a client questionnaire completed, to ascertain any injuries, limitations and potential issues.

  2. On to the bike!
    The bike is fixed in to a turbo trainer and sited on to a large turntable.Once the rider is on, 8 LED markers are placed on key anatomical points of the body which will be tracked by the Retul Vantage Motion Capture system.This allows real-time, three-dimensional data to be collected from each pedal stroke.

  3. The data is collated on the Retul software and the bike fit team are able to read it and dial in the perfect position for the rider.

  4. Once the final bike position is set, a digital map of the bike is taken using a ‘Zin’ tool and the Retul system.This data is used to generate a full fit report, along with physical assessment measurements.This final report is a goldmine of information that will prove it’s worth with any further bike purchases or riding alterations.

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