Runner’s Wall comes to Tri Harder

Swim, Bike, Run medal display-0

As RUNNERS we wanted a means of displaying our medals, so ……..

Whatever your event, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, Triathlon, Ultra Marathon or Ironman we all inhabit a unique runners world. In the world of runners and triathletes, endurance events are shared amongst us all. Our medals reflect more than just a race.

So, where do you hang and display your medals ?……

Whatever your goal, be it a PB for Marathon, Triathlon, Ironman  or a simple jog, dont hit The Wall, use it!

Display your achievements using our comprehensive range of medal displays. Each medal display is made from precision, laser cut 3mm brushed, stainless steel, a material that matches the strength and character of  your own performance, all manufactured in sunny  Norfolk,  England.

Please browse through our site and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us. If you think your friends would like it, tell them about it and spread the word! The Runners Wall, the ultimate medal display for the runner and triathlete. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @RunnersWall.