Quintana Roo V-PR

V-PR Aerodynamics Re-designed from the ground up, the V-PR is Quintana Roo's most variable condition-favourable triathlon bike ever. + Wind tunnel tested + A slimmer aero profile + Shallower cross sections + Exclusive QR Shift+ technology + Redesigned non-driveside aero chainstay + Shortened seat-tube cross-section
The V-PR is the lightest full-function TT bike Quintana Roo have ever made. In an effort to deliver road bike-type handling, engineering changes include...... + Tailoring back aero depth + Focusing on shape change + Designed a light fork with a traditional aero fork/steerer interface + Reduced excessive surface area
V-PR Weight Reduction All weights equalised to a medium frame: - V-PR 19.22lbs - Cervelo P5 19.44lbs - Canyon Speedmax CFR 20.10lbs - Canyon Speedmax SLX8 20.67lbs - Scott Plasma RC6 21.75lbs
What does it mean for athletes? + Accelerates quicker + Stops quicker + Rolls over hills faster + Climbs better + Precise handling

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