Quintana Roo PRsix2 Disc

NEW AERO MACHINE, NEW PR’s The next generation of the award-winning PRsix Disc has arrived – introducing the PRsix2. The PRsix2 takes all of the innovative technologies and aerodynamic qualities of the PRsix and maximizes them with additional features, integrated hydration system, and a lighter and stiffer frame. With each feature fully utilized, you are reaping the benefits of and improving the performance of the bike as designed by the exclusively triathlon engineers at QR.We pride ourselves on listening and reacting to our athletes’ needs, thus the creation of the PRsix2. With an 11% increase in stiffness and 10% lighter frame from the current PRsix Disc, T47 bottom bracket and integrated enhancements, this bike takes performance and simplicity to the next level. The PRsix2 was designed to incorporate more aero-enhancing benefits with an integrated hydration system, invisible cable routing with integrated Di2 port and more. The PRsix2, the fully loaded aero machine, will help you break new boundaries and set even more new PRs.

INTEGRATED HYDRATION We partnered with Profile Design to bring our athletes record-breaking speed and easy hydration by fully integrating the Aeria “fill on the fly” hydration system.
DI2 PORT LOCATION + CABLE ROUTING The PRsix2 Di2 port has been placed in a safe and easily accessible spot. Plus, cable cleanliness is the new standard
WEIGHT REDUCTION By refining production processes, raw material and component selections, we were able to reduce the PRsix2 frameset weight by 10.7% and full bike by over 1 pound.
T47 BOTTOM BRACKET We’ve designed the PRsix2 frame with a T47 bottom bracket standard for stronger, more precise fit and added drivetrain stiffness


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Bike Size

48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58.5

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Black, Bright Green, Electric Blue, Electric Purple, Lavender, Matte White, Metallic Rose, Metallic Silver, Mint, Mirror Chrome, Mirror Gold, Neon Fire, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Pale Lilac, White

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