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YAMAMOTO 39 For greater flexibility in all phases of the swim stroke, 2 mm thick Yamamoto 39 neoprene is used together with high-end Infinityskin lining. This material has high elasticity that allows it to be used in different areas of mid-range wetsuits. For fast, short-distance movements, such as those in the arms and especially the elbow, this material requires 35% less force than conventional neoprene. For slow, long-distance movements, such as in the shoulders, it requires 45% less force than conventional neoprene. The Yamamoto 39 technology is also in the torso to ensure sufficient thermal insulation for workouts. Its 3 mm thickness ensures 77% more protection than if you did not wear a wetsuit. This material also gives the TRN an ideal neutral buoyancy for a
YAMAMOTO 38 Yamamoto 38 material is used in the back and legs. In this area, there is less distortion than in the upper body. In these areas, elasticity is not given the same importance, so materials with more compressive characteristics such as this Yamamoto 38 can be used. This technology provides a good fit to the swimmer's body, preventing the wetsuit from separating from the skin and water flowing into the suit
MADE TO LAST This product's unique design is based on the best available materials in the market. Orca works closely with Yamamoto Corporation to develop new materials for their wetsuits. The exclusive Orca 0.88 Free and Yamamoto 44 materials are proof of this. Orca is also the only brand that is certified to make all our suits using exclusive Yamamoto material, ensuring the highest quality in all products. Currently, the most sustainable raw material for obtaining neoprene is limestone, compared to other much more polluting processes in which lower quality neoprene is obtained from oil. The process of obtaining neoprene from limestone was developed in the 60s by the Yamamoto company and it has been perfected over time to arrive at the current process, where the best quality neoprene is obtained. Not only do the characteristics of this neoprene contribute to its better performance, but they also ensure its maximum durability. Other very important materials in our products that may go unnoticed are the materials used for packaging. To minimize the impact of these, as of 2020, our entire range of wetsuits and accessories uses recycled cardboard packaging instead of singleuse plastic.


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