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Just like triathlon is a competition of multiple disciplines, Ordu is an elegant blend of aerodynamics, weight, handling and ergonomics. Once you have experienced Ordu’s multiple strengths, it is impossible to feel confident with a lesser machine.

For those who aim to be the fastest, most efficient and decorated athletes, Ordu is the future. You and triathlon will never be the same again.

AERODYNAMICS It required more than 2,500 hours of calculations… Analyzing the frame, fork and cockpit assembly and identifying areas to refine and reduce aerodynamic resistance. TOTAL DRAG REDUCTION (11.5%) 41S FASTER (180km - 43KM/H AVG)
ERGONOMICS Ordu is designed to fit the widest possible range of riders. The ergonomics are easily modified over a huge range with just a few adjustment points, easily adaptable for any rider or race regulations. It doesn’t matter if you’re very flexible or not…Ordu will meet your needs
HANDLING One of the most important points to consider when determining geometry is that the bike must be easy to ride. Going fast isn’t just a byproduct of good aerodynamics, it requires comfortable control over the bike.
15S FASTER (5km - Advantage + 300M)
WEIGHT We analyzed the areas where large amounts of material were being used for rigidity. By redesigning the shapes, adjusting the laminating process and using the best carbon fiber available, we shaved the weight considerably. FRAME 1130G FORK 440G SEAT POST 180G BASE BAR 245G 09S FASTER (180km - Advantage + 2000M)
PERFECT BALANCE-MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE By taking a different design approach, individually improving multiple factors and combining them into Ordu, we’ve carved out 5 extra watts. At Kona, this means reducing the best bike split by more than one minute.


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Orbea Ordu Colours

Ice Green Ocean, MyO Custom, Speed Silver-Bright Red

Orbea Ordu Models

M10i LTD, M20 LTD, M20i LTD

Bike Size

M/L, S/M, XL, XS

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