March – breaking the back of Winter

Winter training has been my ‘Everest’ in this 70.3 journey! Working full-time while tri-training means you cannot escape training in the dark, cold & wet. However, I surprised myself with my ability to adapt.

I learnt to love swimming as it is one discipline that Winter doesn’t impact. I have also learnt to loath the turbo, 3 to 4 hours on that every Saturday has not been a highlight of my 70.3 journey! Nonetheless I managed to get the sessions done, and I am incredibly proud of overcoming the mental challenges to do so.

Overall a huge positive of the winter months (after Christmas) has been that there are far less distractions. Having previously participated in triathlon and running events, by comparison during this journey I had the realisation that 70.3 distance does require sacrifice, dedication and makes you pretty anti social to fit training sessions in.

Reflecting on the winter months gives me confidence that my dedication to training will enable me to summit my Everest on the 3rd July. 3 months and counting to go now, with brighter days ahead I hope I can remain as dedicated to my training as the last 3 months…boozy BBQ’s (the ultimate temptation) on hold till 4th July!

Leah Bevan