Leah Bevan

70.3 The Countdown…

September-It’s happening!

September was full to the brim with anticipation and excitement! The eagerly anticipated official announcement that I am an Ambassador for Tri-Harder..it felt surreal. The support and encouragement was wonderful and the excitement to get started was next level! 

I was introduced to my Coach, the amazing Perry Agass and we talked about all things Triathlon to establish where my starting point was and the goals I wanted to set. The realisation that I actually have a coach set in and I was excited beyond words! Training began…I was chasing for more and loving every second of learning how Perry’s coaching and feedback works for us both to get the best from one another. 

Training began steadily, working with the time and commitments in life I have. Perry and the Tri-Harder Women In Sport Community were on hand if I needed them. The journey began!

October- Purpose!

I have a purpose again! That feeling is grounding and wonderful. With Winter setting in, I felt reassured that the seasons may change, but there is one constant that remains and that is my 70.3 training. This was somewhat comforting to me and I felt that I had a plan to take on the Winter! Dark and cold mornings and nights set in, training motivation became harder- but knowing my purpose got me out swimming, biking and running! 

I was a month into the social media journey to share my progress and hopefully encourage others to embark on triathlon and this became surprisingly rewarding, as I had a number of friends and colleagues comment, message and mention that I was inspiring them! I felt on top of the world, a moment of realisation I was having a positive impact on the world. 

October was also my new bike month. For some extra motivation, I got to visit Tri-Harder  to get my new bike fitted, this was an awesome experience. They knew exactly what I needed and provided the goods! 

Training ramped up, longer turbos and more swimming. I began to learn to master swimming with my arms only. I began to love it and could see my progress in this discipline.

November- COVID-19 strikes

I tested positive for COVID-19 and the world came crashing down for a split second. The panic over missing my training and goals, but my mental health was a very real intense worry for me! I had a panic and talked it through…came back down to reality and rationalised that I was actually very unwell and couldn’t train even if I wanted to. 

However, having a very supportive community of women around me, feeling I was part of something really great helped me to stay positive in this time. Also, with such an awesome Coach who believes in me and talked me through the process to get back on track and gave me faith in the process was incredibly reassuring. Perry helped me remain calm and remain rational. I have an awesome support network through this Ambassadorship and I have never felt so connected! I AM INVINCIBLE!