It’s an absolute weapon……

I’ve had my bike or the #PinkNinja as I like to call it for about 9 months and I’ve so far done two 70.3 and The Lakesman Full on it, and it’s a thing of absolute beauty. The frame is a Quintana Roo PR Five and it’s in a stunning neutron pink. Now, for the obvious question – Why the colour? Well, if you know me then you’ll know why, but also it stands out in transition, black bikes are boring and because its awesome.


Size wise, I went for the small. I’m only 5’7 and I’m built a bit like Barney Rubble so don’t have massively long legs! But a small frame and a 172.5ml crank seemed to fit me nicely. For the rest of the set up I went with Profile T4+ tri bars, profile cockpit, 105 set up and some 50ml carbon wheels. If I’d had the money then I’d have gone with a single piece cockpit and DI2 but as it was my first tri bike, I was sensible and didn’t want to spend ALL the money on it.


I collected the bike about 4 weeks before Lakesman and spent a lot of time getting used to riding it… I’d never owned a tri bike before so the position took some getting used too but once you have it’s hard to want to go back to the normal road bike because its just not as fast or aero! After a few rides, it felt amazing and I was starting to understand the benefit of a full carbon tri bike… it’s fast, its light, it’s a beaut for climbs and it feels amazingly sturdy… I’d gone from an aluminium road bike to a carbon road bike and was worried about how sturdy it was going to be. No need to worry at all though as it’s amazing!


First race on it was Lakesman full. Bike was serviced by Carl a couple of days before the race to make sure that everything was in tip top condition and he gave it a good clean. Now, lesson one of carbon components… if it’s wet, carbon wheels and carbon break blocks don’t make a lot of difference… they’re not going to stop you and they won’t slow you down *that* much! Lesson learnt at about 40 miles into the race. The rest of the bike is faultless… the shape of the frame from bottom bracket to rear wheel is different from one side to the other with the left side being much deeper and winder than the right side to help with streamlining the bike and it does make a difference.


If you’re thinking of buying a Quintana Roo then do it. Pro’s love them and they’re one of the oldest tri bike companies out there so they come with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Also, buy it from Triharder as you get the best service, quality components, amazing knowledge, mechanics who will build you the best set up and a nice cuppa while you’re spending money.


I love my bike, I’ve got some upgrades planned before my next Ironman which should help me dial in the position a little bit and I want another bike fit as my position has changed due to the amount of training I’m doing and losing a number of kilos since I got the bike! Hopefully, one day you’ll get to see it in action and I’ll do it proud. It’s a stunning piece of weaponry and my next bike will be another Quintana Roo.