Fritton Lake Olympic Triathlon

I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while. I came up to Norfolk on Saturday morning and headed straight for Fritton Lake where the Tri Harder and In A Spin stands were set up for the weekend.  It didn’t seem to take that long to get up to Fritton Lake from home. Well it was blowing a south westerly gale so it was a tail wind all the way up!


Saturday was spent on the Tri Harder stand, it was a busy day with both the Sprint and Super Sprint races taking place so there were a fair few competitors about the place, there were a few comical moments, Ben seemed to have a tendency to keep digging himself into holes. For example telling an ex ice hockey player that we do have larger size T shirts available if he required them and explaining to a very petite women that his top tube food  bag doesn’t rub on his legs as he has skinny legs!! It made us laugh… The other highlight of the day was watching people trying to guess the combined weight of In A Spin Simon and his bike (A Boardman Air 9.8) for the chance of winning a £50 voucher. I did see one very generous guess at 73.3kg! The other part of the day was spent watching Ben eat hard boiled eggs… We counted 6!


Saturday evening came upon us and we all headed back to Dads for dinner, a lovely Chicken pasta bake cooked by Louise, a perfect pre-race dinner. I do have to make a special mention about the carrot cake for dessert, GORGEOUS!! After James had consumed another tot of rum and we had debated what time to set our alarms (we went for 5am) we headed to bed.


Sunday  5am, race day. The first race of the day being to the shower, damn,  Ben won that one.  In my defence his room was next to the bathroom! A quick shower (once Ben had finished doing his hair) some breakfast and we jumped in the van and back off to Fritton Lake we went, unloaded the vans on arrival then a quick spin up the lane to test my shiny new cassette that In A Spin had fitted for me, running like a dream. Transition set up was next. Then I headed back to the stand for the next 2 hours sitting down whenever possible to rest my legs. 8.15 arrived and it was wetsuit wiggle time! Although with the Aqua Sphere Phantom it’s not so much of a wiggle it’s more a glide, great wetsuit, light and very flexible in the right places.


There were 2 start waves, 8.30 and 8.40, I was in wave 2. Wave 1 went off without any problems so it was our turn to get into the lake, wetsuit expert Ben was on hand to zip me up, Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles on and I jumped into the mild 18c water, quick swim out and back to see if the arms worked, then took my place on the start line ready for the off. And we were off….I reached the first mark in 1st place level with one other guy, we turned at the mark and he turned a bit too hard and went off course. The rest of the swim was a bit lonely but that’s how I like it, leaves me to concentrate on myself and relax! I exited the swim 1st. into transition, off with the wetsuit on with the helmet and off out onto the bike….2 laps pretty flat fast roads. A slight head wind on the main road home but apart from that a good bike route… 2 laps done and I was back into transition. Bike racked, helmet off trainers on let’s go! I was nervous about the run if I’m honest.  After Deva I was worried I would blow up again… I pushed the first km hard to get my legs awake, I then settled down into a strong but steady pace, It was a twisty course so was hard to get into a stride, I just had to hold on for 3 laps, coming into lap 3 I still felt strong, I pushed a bit harder but soon found my limit, I held the pace to the end. I finished, I hadn’t blown up, I felt strong and most of all I enjoyed it!


My mood became even better when I realised I had won. My first Olympic Distance race win, so from this being my first ever triathlon 2 years ago I had become a novice to a race winner in 2 years. Amazing what you can achieve in a short space of time with hard work and a great team behind you. A great weekend topped off with a race win. So that’s 2 years in a row a Tri Harder team member has won at Fritton Lake Olympic Distance last year being Toby Morrell.


A special thanks to the organisers for another great weekend at Fritton Lake triathlon festival, and of course the lads at Tri Harder and In A Spin for their continued help and support.


My times for the race were –

Swim -20:21

T1 – 1:18

Bike – 1:02:25

T2 – 0:28

Run – 36:58

Total – 2:01:32

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