Enjoying Cycling Again…with an E-Bike.

Two broken hips, 75 years old and I am cycling again thanks to my E Bike.
The good thing is when you look at the bike it appears as a standard road bike all in aluminium with hidden batteries and integral motor driven rear hub. AND its an Orbea Brand
The Bike was a present from my son and daughter in law to motivate me after my wife died. They are keen Triathlon sports enthusiasts so to keep up with them I needed something special.

So I now enjoy the benefit of 3 levels of motor assistance, plus safety lights and all the phone information during the ride. Assistance is great because its there when you need it and at three levels can make even the slopes in seem easy. The phone e Bike app provides so much information:

The EBike Motion App for the Orbea

Motor Assistance level 1 to 3

Altitude Speed

Power applied

Battery level


Map / current location