Citec wheels

Passion – Technology – Philosophy

For almost 20 years we have been developing and producing innovative (and often copied) wheel-sets for professional and amateur racing cyclists, serious cyclo-sportives, mountain bikers and trekking-specialists. 

Special consideration needs to be given to bicycle wheels, as they are an integral, but ride characteristic defining element of the bicycle. 

In 1988 the company was founded as CARBOTEC in Berlin West and introduced a new generation disc wheel. These CARBOTEC disc wheels were constructed from aluminium rims and pre-tensioned carbon skins. This rather labour-intensive construction method guarantees high lateral stiffness while maintaining superior ride comfort and control. 20 years on and with many improvements this is still one of the leading disc wheel constructions available. 

1994 CITEC introduced the first 12-spoke system wheel. After moving into their own premises in Beelitz on the outskirts of Berlin development of the innovative, patented Power-Block-System was started. This technology has become the signature of all Citec spoked wheel sets. 

Right now Citec are pleased to announce a totally new, revolutionary, patented rim design. Redesigning the interior structure of the rim profile has made it possible to construct even lighter rims with extremely high resilience. 

Innovative ideas, permanent research and development, modern computer-aided (CAD and FEM) construction methods, exclusive machines we have designed and built to our exacting standards and last but not least rigorous quality control ensure that our wheels are at the forefront of quality and technology for years to come. 

All our wheels are produced in-house with comprehensive back-up and repair-facility. This means we can offer a fast and reliable service.


Power Block System



CITEC system wheels use straight pull spokes which are fixed to the hub using our patented ‘POWER-BLOCK’ sleeve technology.
This design eliminates the common weak spot in wheels. Neither is movement between the hub and spoke possible nor is there a spoke head to fail.
Even under constant use spoke failure is a thing of the past and it is no longer necessary to keep re-tensioning and re-centering the wheel.

We offer a 5 year guarantee against broken spokes on all CITEC system wheels that are equipped with the CITEC Power Block SystemFor moreinformation, see the menu item “Conditions of guarantee“.



Power Block Nipples



Internal aluminium nipples, constructed along the lines of our Power-Block hub sleeves, support the spoke. This reduces stress on the spoke where it enters the rim and again reduces the likelihood of a spoke breaking.


Concave System



The CITEC Concave System is an innovative, patented rim construction method.
It allows a decrease of weight while at the same time increasing the resilience of the rim.

This new development, comparable to the arch of a bridge, allows us to reduce the spoke number in the wheel without compromising the integrity of the rim base.
The forces acting on the rim are directed away. This guarantees long term strength and maximum resilience while saving weight at the rim, reducing rotating mass.




Hub Body


The hub body is constructed from several parts, which allows for a flexible manufacturing process, technological advantages as well as imparting a unique look.


ITS – Inverse Torquetransmission System


Inverse Torque-transmission System means that power is transmitted solely through the non-drive side spokes.
As these are less highly stressed, these wheels can cope with very high forces.



Hyper Size Flange


The rear wheel flange has been dimensioned for maximum torque transfer while diminishing spoke load and increasing accelleration.
More of your power is used to propel you forwards!


Braking Surface


Aluminium braking surface on Carbon rims.

6000 CX for tubulars and 8000 CX wheels are equipped with heat bonded aluminium braking surface.
This guarantees smooth and progressive braking without overheating the rims.

Use regular brake pads without affecting the integrity of the carbon material.

Factory replaceable when worn.

If you want to ride fast, you need to be able to brake late!


What the press says…….

220 Triathlon July 2011

“Verdict 92%. 6000 CX Fast, light, versatile race wheelset. …the ride is fast, responsive and 



Cycling Weekly November 4 2010

„…combined with the super tough nipple design helps make for a very stiff yet light design. The aluminium/carbon clincher 3000 S Carbon comes in at a class leading 1540 g and a not unreasonable £ 985.”



RCUK November 2010

„Step forward the 6000 CX wheels with their genuinely innovative solution.”
(Richard Hallet) … more



Tour July 2010

„Aerodynamic, stiff, stops well and yet is relatively light: This balanced performance makes it our overall test winner.”
(This winning quote refers to the 6000CX set for tubulars.)



Tour June 2010

„2008’s victor, the Citec 3000 S Aero would easily have crossed the line in first place again and remains the bench mark for a perfectly executed all-round wheelset.”
(NB. CITEC did not contribute a wheelset to this test.)

TOUR-Test WINNER, Issue 06/2008

“Victory goes to a tried and tested model from Germany: CITEC’s 3000 S Aero. This long established classic offers the best all-round performance for a fair price.”



… by Richard Hallett
”…has a reputation for durability second to none.
How much of this can be ascribed to the company’s patented Power Block System of spoke location at the hub is hard to say, since Citec spokes never seem to break.

RCUK knows of one set of Citec wheels that has been in regular use for more than 10 years without the need for attention…”