Back on the bike….

Signing up for the Norwich half marathon with my brother seemed a good idea at the time although on the morning of the race this was far from being the case.


After 2 months of no drinking and increasing my run training I thought I would have been like Mo Farah, but felt more like big Mo from Eastenders! My quest to lose a stone before the event didn’t materialise even after giving up the bread, I struggled to lose a pound let alone a stone. So I had to do the event with what god gave me…..


The day before the race I rested and consumed a large amount of pasta and had an early night despite the invite to a stag night which I had to decline. I was awoken at about 3am with the whistling and banging of the wind outside but hoped that this would have calmed down by morning…. It did not, and was gusting up to 30MPH, great!


Breakfast consisted of crumpets, a banana and plenty of fluids. We walked down to the start from my house as a little loosener and soon found ourselves huddling in the barn to keep warm ready for the off. I downed a beet it shot and 1 gel and I was ready.


 We positioned ourselves mid way down the pack at the start line and the gun went. It was a slow start with large groups and narrow paths we just blended in with the rest of the mad people running in that wind. The shelter was nice to protect us from the wind on the first lap and the people thinned out on the second lap. I ran with my brother at a comfortable pace and felt pretty good up until mile 10 when my quads demanded all my energy of which I was lacking. My pace eased a fraction and my brother gained a small gap. I feared this would be the case and struggled along for the remaining 3miles just behind all the time.


 Entering the showground and seeing the final stretch was a great relief and I even managed to pick the pace up for the home straight, but it was too little too late and I got beat by about 40secs!  As I write this 3 days on, my quads have just got back to feeling normal and I am glad that the event is over. I am looking forward to getting back on the bike and enjoying the odd beer over the Christmas festivities!


   Triharder James