Argon 18 Krypton CS

The Definition of Endurance

An all-road machine tuned to make any surface feel firm – and fast. The Krypton CS ensures maximum pedaling efficiency for high performance. No matter how rough the road you travel, this tough-as-nails bike is designed with a geometry for those who are in it for the long haul. For your next Brevet or Century, you may want to set your target time a little lower.

The best mix of handling, stiffness and integration For our newest generation of frames, we wanted to push our 3D System further by merging it seamlessly with the frame. The fully integrated 3D+ system has become an essential characteristic of our Endurance and Gravel frames. It delivers all the handling and stiffness benefits of the original 3D system in a streamlined version, offering three head tube extension heights for every frame size: 0mm, 15mm and 30mm. This provides a proven stiffness gain of 5% at 15mm and 11% at 30mm, as compared to traditional spacers. It also allows for a larger fit window (60mm of stack adjustment compared with 30 for a traditional setup). As well, the frame integration offers an aero benefit over our traditional 3D System, smoothing the airflow over the handlebar.
Maximum compatibility Our modular cable console allows for maximum versatility, to put the rider’s convenience first without sacrificing performance. Designed for both for electronic (wireless or wired) and mechanical groupsets, our system allows for user-friendly cable routing for maximum shifting and braking efficiency. Interchangeable console parts are easily swapped to ensure longevity of the frame as you upgrade groupsets.
Endurance Geometry All-day performance Our endurance geometry offers a stable and comfortable ride, while keeping true to the race-ready approach we have toward all of our bikes. Some of the key features of endurance geometry include a longer headtube for a more upright position, engineered to be easier on the back and shoulders for long days on the road; greater tire clearance for more confident handling and comfort; tweaked headtube and raked fork to adjust our hallmark precision handling to that wider tire size windows (28 to 32c); longer wheelbase for increased stability; and a lower bottom bracket, again for increased stability. Endurance geometry must balance the need for pedaling efficiency alongside the main goal of comfort and performance over long distances, for a stable, predictable ride.
The Optimal Balance of Comfort and Performance To achieve the optimal balance of comfort and performance for our endurance line, we needed geometry uniquely aligned with the demands of long-distance riding and racing. In conjunction with the best geometry, we also needed to optimise frame topology and carbon layup. Through extensive research and analysis of stiffness, resistance, and aerodynamics using FEA and CFD software, we designed frames and forks that offer exceptional vertical compliance and dampens road-induced vibrations. At the same time, they needed to remain impervious to lateral movement, thus ensuring maximum pedaling efficiency for optimal power transfer. Our Topological Compliance System (TPS), was validated by numerous iterations of frame and fork designs tested both on the road and in our research and development laboratory using proprietary vibration testing tools.
Argon Fit System Find Your Fit The Argon Fit System is designed to provide riders of all sizes with consistent performance and optimal positioning. Regardless of your build, gender or your riding style, our frames are designed so that your fit will always be efficient and comfortable, ensuring the ultimate in handling. We offer sizing from XXS to XL in all of our road bikes, and XS to XL in our Tri bikes, with each size approached individually from a design and performance perspective. While a lot of manufacturers optimise performance and weight targets for a medium size frame and simply scale up or down, we assess the performance of each size based on the individual character of that particular geometry. For example, even our largest frames have exceptional stiffness without excess weight, to avoid the 'dead' feel found in some XL frames. XS and XXS retain their inherent lightweight qualities, but without excess stiffness, avoiding harsh ride quality.


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Argon18 Colour

Pearl Dark Blue, Red Matte, Silver Cosmos Grey

Bike Build Configurations

Frameset, Shimano 105

Bike Size

L, M, S, XL, XS

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